A Guide to Choosing Environmentally Responsible Methods and Materials to Build Your New Home With

If you are ready to build a new home and would like for it to feature as many energy-efficient materials as possible, it is important to be aware of your options from the ground up. For instance, by modifying the construction of the crawl space under your home, less air will leak in or out of that area and you can expect to see lower heating and cooling costs. In addition, if you opt for your home to be made of recycled stainless steel, you could be saving the lives of up to 50 trees.

4 Tips To Keep Your Oil Furnace Running All Winter Long

Does your home use an oil furnace instead of a more modern form of heating? If so, you will want to keep up with a regular maintenance plan to ensure that your system continues functioning properly throughout the long winter to come. Here are four oil furnace maintenance tips that will hopefully help keep you and your family nice and toasty in the months ahead. Periodically Check for Black Soot Finding black soot on the outside of your oil furnace is not good.

3 Things Homeowners Should Be Watching For In Their House

As a homeowner there are many things you should be doing to make sure that you are protecting your home. You should be checking the gas line, watching the water use to make sure there are no leaky pipes and much more. One of the most important things you should be watching is the electrical use. If there is a potential problem with the electrical wiring in your house, you could be at risk for a house fire or electrocution.

Winter Is Coming! Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Year

All year long, you may have dreaded the day that that "winter is coming" becomes "winter is here." No matter how much you want to avoid the very real chill of winter, eventually you will have to face it. If you want to keep your home nice and warm all winter long, you may be looking for changes that you can make in your home to keep it as warm as possible.

Fire Safety Tips To Remember Around The Holidays

The Christmas holidays are a time to create happy memories with family and friends, but it's also important to be mindful of fire safety at this time of year. Over the holidays, you can often find yourself distracted by gatherings at your home and thoughts about the last-minute things you need to buy. There are a number of potential fire risks in your home that specifically occur around the holidays, but a handful of fire protection tips can get you through this festive time of the year safely.