Ideal Locations in Your Custom Home for a Flex Room

Talking to your custom home builder about adding a flex room to the layout of your custom home will be a decision that you'll likely appreciate many times in the coming years. A flex room is a room in which the usage can change whenever it suits you, unlike most of the other rooms in your home. You may use this room for different things over time, including as a spare bedroom when friends visit from out of town or a hobby room if you decide to pursue a new hobby. If you're keen on having a flex room, your next priority will be to decide where in your custom home you want this space. Here are some location-based considerations to keep in mind.

Near a Bathroom

Many people who are designing their custom homes opt to have their flex room within close proximity to a bathroom. Because a popular occasional use of a flex room is as a guest room, your guests will appreciate the convenience of being close to a bathroom overnight. For example, instead of having to walk down an unfamiliar hallway in the dark when nature calls, they'll be able to take just a few steps out of the flex room and arrive in the bathroom.

Close to the Kitchen

When possible, it's also a good idea to situate the flex room near the kitchen. This is especially true if you have children and you expect that you might occasionally use the flex room as a play area for them. Given that a lot of parents spend much of their time in the kitchen, having a flex room a short distance from the kitchen will allow you to monitor your children while they play in this space.

Near an Exterior Door

You may also want to position your custom home's flex room just a short distance from an exterior door. This could be the front door, the back door, or a side door, depending on the layout of the floorplan. When you use the flex room as a spare bedroom, it will be convenient for your overnight guests to carry their luggage to a room that is close to a door. Or, if you eventually turn the room into a space where you'll run a small business—working as a makeup artist, for example—you'll appreciate that clients don't have to walk throughout your entire home to get to the room. Many factors can influence where you place this room, but keep these ideal locations in mind as you design the floorplan with your builder.