Home Insulation Improvements That Help Stop Energy Loss And Improve Structural Stability

The insulation of your home is important to provide a thermal barrier to reduce energy loss and keep your home comfortable. There are some improvements that can also help provide structural stability too, such as closed-cell spray foam insulation. There are various insulation improvements that you may want to consider for different areas of your home, and they can often do more than just provide a thermal barrier. The following guide to home insulation improvements will help you stop energy loss and improve other aspects of your home:

Crawl Space Encapsulation And Closed-Cell Spray Foam To Insulate The Floor Systems

If you have a crawl space foundation, one of the improvements that you may be considering is encapsulation. The crawl space encapsulation includes insulation and sealing the foundation from the exterior elements and soil below your home. For the exposed floor joists, spray foam can be used to insulate the crawl space and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Updating The Roof Insulation And Protecting Your Home From Ice Damage With Spray Foam Improvements

You are also going to want to improve the roof insulation, which is where the heat lost through the attic can also cause problems with ice that damages roofing. Therefore, you may want to talk to a closed-cell spray foam insulation service about the improvements that can be done to the attic of your home. The spray foam in the attic will help insulate, prevent damage, and improve the structure of your home.

Insulating Exterior And Unfinished Walls With Spray Foam For Improved Strength And Thermal Barrier

The exterior walls are another area of your home where closed-cell spray foam insulation can do more than just improve the thermal barrier. The spray foam materials will also improve the structural stability of your home. These are improvements that can be done in areas where the walls have not been finished yet, such as in a garage, basement, or home addition.

Moisture Barriers And Sealing Air Leaks To Stop Energy Loss And Improve The Efficiency of Your Home

The moisture barriers that are installed on homes can also help improve the thermal barrier and stop air leaks. Today, modern house wrap materials are used, which can be good if you are doing renovations with new siding. There are also improvements that can be done with spray foam insulation to stop air leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

These are some of the home insulation improvements that can help stop energy loss and provide other benefits. If you are ready to improve your home with updated insulation, contact a closed-cell spray foam insulation service and talk to them about the improvements that can be done to your home with spray foam insulation.