Protect Water Quality And Flow With Routine Well Water Systems Maintenance

As a water well system gets older, the speed at which water is pumped through the system will decrease. If the well wasn't drilled properly in the first place, it's possible that the flow rate and performance of the well will go down rapidly over time. Water system maintenance includes testing the water for bacteria to keep the homeowner and any living inside safe. Water testing for bacteria should be done every year, while further testing to determine the water pH and any for any solids that might be in the water. If the water has an odor or tastes funny, the water should be tested at that time as well.

Inspecting Your Well Water System

The area surrounding your water well and the physical components of the well should be looked over every year to make sure there aren't any obvious problems or contamination. Consider the area that is 100 feet circling the well, and make sure there is no debris that could pollute the water below. If you don't find any clear problems or damage to the well, you won't need to call in a professional to repair the issue. A well water system should be professionally inspected every ten years if there are no problems that come up beforehand.

Keep Track of Maintenance Records

When you own a well water system, part of the maintenance is to keep track of anything that is done to repair or improve your existing well. You will want to have a record of how deep your water well is, when it was drilled, and what it is constructed from. The initial flow rate should be documented in order to compare future testing to the previous one. Anything done to repair the well, including replacing the pump, should be saved, as well as all inspection reports and water testing results.

Performance Issues from Your Well 

The reduced water flow coming from your well can be due to mineral deposits, microorganisms that grow within your well, sand, damage to your pump, or corrosion of the screen and casing. Well water system maintenance will need to include repairing any issues that are leading to poor performance. You may notice that your well is not as deep as it was or that you have cloudy water because of sediment.

If you find problems with your water, get your system serviced right away. Avoid reduced water flow and harmful contaminants when you get your well serviced as needed.

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