Areas of Your Home That Need Exterior Waterproofing

Preparing the exterior of your home for different seasons usually entails cleaning gutters and preparing the landscaping. One area you may be overlooking is the waterproofing. There are several areas of the exterior home that need waterproofing for all seasons, not just rainy weather. Keep in mind, snow and ice can also cause water damage during melting and freezing stages if your exterior areas are not ready. Here are a few of those areas and what you need to know about each area.

Outdoor Decks

Outdoor decks can be tricky when it comes to waterproofing. You may remember having the deck waterproofed. The problem is, you may believe this step is already done, but if you don't remember when, you could be in trouble. Before you go into another season, have your exterior waterproofing contractor check the deck. They can let you know if a new layer of waterproofing needs to be done or if there are any other issues that could be made worse by increased rain, snow, or ice. They can also suggest a seal or stained seal that can give you the benefits of waterproofing and the appearance of new decking.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Storage sheds, especially those with wood siding or doors, are often overlooked. In fact, many wood storage sheds receive waterproofing when they are first constructed and may not receive it again until you notice water damage forming. If you are preparing your exterior property, your storage shed should be at the top of your list for waterproof services. In addition to the outside of the shed, you should also have the inside waterproofed as well. This is especially true if you have exposed trusses and the area is not insulated.

Outdoor Awnings

If you have any wood-based outdoor awnings, these should receive special consideration for waterproofing. The awnings are not only exposed to the elements, but they also hold up awning covers such as tarps and canvases. Even if you have a metal awning or an awning of a different material, there are still spaces where water can creep in and cause damage between the awning and the cover itself. With that in mind, the entire awning should be waterproofed as part of the exterior waterproofing checklist.

When you are ready to schedule your exterior waterproofing, contact your local waterproofer. They can give you a quote and discuss the options available to you. They can also meet with you about other waterproofing you may need throughout your property.