Remodel Your Vacation Home For Easier Care

Vacation homes give you a stable place to return to when you need a break from your busy life, but as you spend more time away, you could find that the house becomes harder to maintain unless you specifically set it up for a low-maintenance existence.

This does not mean restricting the amount of power available in the home or turning it into a spartan shelter. What it does mean is making the home easy to maintain given that you spend so much time away. Remodeling certain aspects of the home increases the likelihood of finding issues earlier and preventing more problems from forming.

Remove Dust Sources

Dust in the home can be tracked in, fly in through the open windows and doors, and come from internal sources like carpet fibers and old upholstery. Remodeling to reduce these sources is best.

Remove what carpets you can, and replace them with tile or laminate floors covered with rugs. You can roll up and store the rugs while you're gone; unrolling and vacuuming them won't take that long.

Also, cover upholstered furniture when you're about to leave the house for the season. Replace windows and doors to ensure a better fit and reduce the risk of gaps that would allow in dirt.

Upgrade Weatherproofing

If you have not had the house upgraded for weather and climate issues, that should be a priority when you remodel. Install dual-pane windows and new insulation to reduce the chances of severe weather intruding on the home. These changes will also make off-season utility bills (such as minimum heat during winter when you're not there) less volatile.

All weatherstripping should be replaced often. Not only does old weatherstripping allow thermal transfer, but it prevents bugs from getting inside. Bugs can still get inside even with great weatherstripping, but better seals around the door, windows, and other openings will keep at least some pests from entering.

Remember the Garden

Unless you've got a vacation condo with groundskeeping services, you're going to have to deal with the garden. Annual beds should be easy to access for quick removal and installation of seasonal plants.

Perennial plants must be slow-growing unless you have someone regularly coming by to maintain the yard. There should be no fast-growing trees, and shrubs should be compact.

Change Fireproofing

As the years go by, fire-resistant material technology changes rapidly. Whenever you remodel, always look at what's new on the fire-resistance scene and consider installing those materials. For example, if the house could use a new look, and a new siding is on the market that is much better at resisting flames, consider installing that siding.

Changes should help your home be easier to handle. A remodel is a great time to get that house into the shape you can live with for years. For more information, contact a remodeling contractor.