Everything You Need To Know About A Garage Door Spring

Every garage door has one or two springs on it. These springs, sometimes called torsion springs, are either located directly above the garage door, either in the middle or on the left and right-hand corners of the door. Everyone should know what function a garage door spring has, what the signs are that the spring is damaged and what can happen if a damaged or broken spring is not replaced. Here is everything you should know about a garage door spring. 

Why Do Garage Doors Have Springs?

A garage door spring is designed to help support the weight of a garage door. Garage doors are very heavy. The spring expands and stretches as the garage door opens, and contracts and rescinds as the door is closed. The spring helps to take pressure off of the tracks, helping to prevent the door from collapsing if it were to come off the tracks or if the tracks loosened and couldn't fully support the weight of the door. 

What Are the Signs a Garage Door Spring Is Damaged?

It is recommended that you inspect your springs routinely for signs of damage. There are a few ways to look for damage. The first is to watch the spring as you open and lower your garage door. The spring should gradually and steadily expand and contract. If the spring remains stretched out or loose when the door is shut, your spring is worn. You should also visually inspect the spring, looking for cracks or breaks and rust. If any of these problems are noted, the spring needs to be replaced. 

What Happens If Your Garage Door Spring Breaks?

If your garage door spring is damaged and you do not have it replaced, it can snap or break at any time. When this occurs, your garage door may not open or shut. Many garage doors are designed not to function if the spring is broken, as the spring is a safety feature to help support the weight of the door. A garage door spring should always be replaced by a professional, as the door can collapse if the spring is improperly replaced. 

Is your garage door not opening or is your garage door spring showing signs that it needs to be replaced? If so, you will want to call in a garage door spring repair company. Call your preferred repair company today to ensure your garage door operates as it is designed to.