Is It Time For New Siding? Ways To Know

Being a homeowner means always trying to stay on top of home repairs and maintenance. No matter how diligent you are, though, you will eventually need to replace various elements of your home. This includes your siding. However, even if you know that your siding will likely need to be replaced at some point, you may not know what signs to watch out for that could tell you that new siding is in your near future. Get to know some of the signs that you need new siding. Then, if you notice these signs, you can contact a siding services company as soon as possible to help you get your siding replaced. 

Your Energy Bills Keep Going Up

One of the signs of siding problems that you may not think of or notice right away is a change in your energy bills. Generally, the costs of heating and cooling your home will be similar from year to year (accounting for inflation, of course). When you look at your energy bills, you do not want to see huge increases. 

Be sure to examine your energy bills closely. Look at the total amount of gas or electricity used in the month. Compare it to the numbers listed for last year. If the numbers are slightly higher or lower, you can attribute this to fluctuations in the temperature outside. However, if there are major differences that can not be attributed to an extreme heat wave or cold snap, you may have a problem with your siding. 

Along with your roof, your siding is largely responsible for insulating your home. If there is damage to your siding, cold or hot air from outside can get into your home, making your air conditioner or furnace work harder and use a great deal more energy. As such, always look at your energy bills and take note of any major increases in usage and costs as this can be indicative of siding issues. 

The Paint Is Peeling

Another sign to watch out for with your siding is a problem with your home's paint. If you notice that there are areas in which the paint is chipping away or peeling off of your exteriors, there may be problems with your siding. 

Over time, wood siding, in particular, sustains damage that makes it difficult to hold paint, leading to chipping and peeling. If you have painted your exteriors within the past few years and already see problems with that paint, it is probably because the siding is getting old and needs to be replaced. 

Knowing these signs that you need new siding, you can be sure you contact a siding services company to help you replace your siding in a timely manner.