Five Ways To Maximize The Benefits Of Sewage Cleanings

Sewage cleaning is a necessary step for homeowners. However, having the sewer cleaned often is a step that you don't have to submit to. Yet, you do need to know what to do if you plan to accomplish this goal. Learn what you can do to maximize the amount of time before your sewer cleanings.

Be Kind to the Drains

Ensure you treat your drains well. A part of this involves knowing what to and what not to put down them, especially in the kitchen. Make sure you dispose of most food items in the trash. Even with a garbage disposal, food particles can collect inside the sewage system and eventually cause a clog to form. Disposal in the trash is much safer. 

Flush Wisely

Follow a practice that the toilet is only for toilet paper and waste and you can maximize the amount of time between your sewage cleaning. Homeowners sometimes make the mistake of flushing cotton balls, facial wipes, and other paper products. However, the reality is that none of these products break down in the same manner as toilet paper and waste, which means they can lead to a clog.

Install Guards

If you wash your hair in the shower, it's a good idea to install drain guards. Drain guards are mesh screens that rest over the drain and collect items that would otherwise go down the drain, such as hair. Hair does not break down and instead rests inside the line, which can lead to a clog. A drain guard blocks the hair so that you can dispose of it safely. 

Teach Children

Make sewage system care a family goal by talking to your children about caring for the drains and toilets in the house. Don't just assume that they know what to do. Teach children everything from knowing not to flush toys down the toilet to not putting trash in the sink. 

Use Products Carefully

Be wise about the types of products you use. First, don't believe everything that says it's toilet safe, such as cleaning wipes. These wipes don't break down and can create a blockage. Second, don't use drain cleaners as a sewage cleaning option. Many of these cleaning products are harsh and cause more harm than good. 

While you can follow these tips to lengthen the amount of time before cleaning, these steps will not allow you to avoid a cleaning altogether. This important maintenance step is still important. So, ensure you have your sewer cleaned when necessary to protect your system.