Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance: When It Needs To Be Done Vs. When It's Ideal

Many homeowners do not perform or request professional air conditioning maintenance. This is unfortunate from the standpoint that they all could benefit from said maintenance, and that their air conditioners would last much longer when they are well-maintained. If you would like to reap the benefits of a well-maintained air conditioner, there are times of the year when the maintenance tasks should be completed by and times when it is more ideal to complete them. Here are those times and the differences between them.

​The Rule of Thumb: Times by Which Maintenance Should Be Completed

​Any good HVAC contractor or technician will tell you that air conditioning maintenance should be completed semi-annually (i.e., twice a year). Most of them will also tell you it is a good idea to complete the maintenance by early summer and late fall, at the latest, so that your air conditioner is running optimally for the hotter months and it is properly "put to bed" for the winter. You can follow that rule religiously, but really, there are more ideal times of the year for completing maintenance on this major home system appliance. 

​The More Ideal Times of the Year, and Why They Are More Ideal

The more ideal times of the year for air conditioning maintenance are those where the HVAC technician/contractor has a lot more time to devote to the services provided. This would be late summer to very early fall for the fall maintenance, and mid-spring or earlier for the first maintenance check of the year. These are times of the year when the technician's/contractor's busiest seasons are just starting to pick up, but he/she still has enough time to answer any questions you may have before having to go to his/her next appointment. It also is more ideal from the standpoint that if your air conditioner needs anything refilled or replaced, the job is not so rushed because there is time enough to do it. 

Consider scheduling your A/C maintenance during the more ideal times, when the contractor's or technician's workload is lighter. You will be ahead of the game, and the question of completing the maintenance in time for the hot or cold weather will be fully resolved before it becomes too late, and/or the technician/contractor becomes so busy that appointments are pushed back. Avoid scheduling conflicts by having your air conditioner checked, cleaned, and maintained earlier on in the seasons.