Upgrade Your Deck To Create More Family Memories

For families that have young children, a yard can serve as more than a picturesque landscape. Kids enjoy spending time outdoors. Having a family-friendly outdoor living space that allows both adults and children to feel comfortable can be a great way to make more family memories as you enjoy your yard in the future. Consider adding one of these three features to your deck to make it a more family-friendly area.

1. Swimming Pool

Adding a water feature to your yard can give your family a fun and exciting activity to engage in while spending time outdoors. Rather than using up valuable lawn space to install an in-ground pool, consider adding a pool to your deck instead.

A swimming pool in the deck keeps children close to the home. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on older children as they enjoy the swimming pool alone. The addition of a swimming pool to your deck also transforms the deck into a multi-use space where there is something for every member of the family to enjoy.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

There are few things that symbolize summer more than a backyard barbecue. A functional outdoor kitchen built into your deck can provide you with the space needed to host family gatherings in your own yard.

Making the choice to install an outdoor kitchen eliminates the need for you to construct your deck off the kitchen of your home. You will be able to wash, prep, and store food items on the deck itself, giving you the flexibility to place the deck where it will be most convenient. An outdoor kitchen on the deck keeps the cook and his or her guests in close proximity to one another, increasing the level of interaction between family members during summer cookouts.

3. Firepit or Fireplace

Gathering around a roaring fire can be a great way to relax at the end of a stressful day. Modern firepits can be fueled by propane, eliminating the campfire smell associated with building a fire in the woods. Propane allows you to easily ignite a fire in the firepit on your deck so that your family can enjoy telling stories, singing songs, or cooking s'mores at a moment's notice. If a firepit doesn't go with the architecture of your home's exterior, you can add an outdoor fireplace to boost family memory-making in a more elegant and refined way.

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