3 Tips For Building A Dock That Is Family-Friendly

Going on your boat is one of the best times of summer. The entire family can enjoy a day or fishing, lunching, laughing, and being soothed by the waves of the ocean or river. In order to make sure you can keep your boat on the water, you may need to build a dock. Though docks are constructed in similar manners, there are extras that you can ask for when you are having your dock built. Here are a few extras to talk to your contractor about when building a deck for your boat. 

1. Ask for a ramp with traction

To walk down from the dock to your boat, you will need steps or a ramp. A ramp is a good idea in the event that anyone in your family has crutches, a wheelchair, or walker and would like to get on your boat. A ramp is also easier for children with small legs to walk up and down without much assistance. Make sure that your dock is built with traction. Since shoes are likely to get wet when on the boat or near the dock, you want to make sure that no one slides when entering. Ramps also help load and unload equipment for your boat, making sure that you do not have to lug equipment up and down stairs. 

2. Make it covered

A dock can be covered or uncovered, but you should consider a covered dock for several reasons. Rain can often happen suddenly when on a coast, so you want to make sure that you can park your boat and take cover as soon as you debark. Covered docks also make great areas to leave other equipment such as water skis, golf carts, and unnecessary fishing equipment. These items can corrode if left in the sun and water but will fare better underneath a covered dock. A covered dock can be a meeting space as well, for those who would prefer to stay on land but want to enjoy being near the water. 

3. Go for width versus length

A dock that is attached to the shore would do more service being wide versus being long. A wide dock makes it easier to park the boat parallel and have plenty of space to perform other actions. Wide docks allow for more standing room along with space to prepare items, such as ice chests, formal tables, and other necessities for the boating day or evening. 

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