Asking Questions About Crane Rentals

If you're wanting to grow or expand your construction company, you are likely assessing and inquiring about work being done in your area. You might have already realized that cranes are required for much of the local work being ordered. If your business doesn't have the budget to purchase those machines outright, renting them may be a great alternative. However, you'll also need these relevant questions answered before aligning yourself with a particular rental company.

1. Who's Operating The Cranes?

Your own business may be filled with employees who are terrific at the jobs they do. However, if none of them are licensed to operate cranes, you won't be able to get any so-called "bare rentals"; you'll need to seek drivers too. 

Crane operators can sometimes be picked up by placing ads in local papers, but at times rental companies will maintain lists of drivers that may be called upon to suit your needs. If you do need operators, ensure that you give yourself adequate time to screen them and discuss upcoming projects and availability with them. 

2-Will You Assess the Site?

When you've got a job, you may not have full confidence that you're selecting cranes of the proper size and type. You may think you have some idea of how a site should be prepped but without much crane experience, not feel completely sure. For that reason, you should be asking your crane operators or the rental companies for help beforehand.

Getting your site assessed by professionals familiar with cranes and the work they can do will make your project go better. You'll feel confident that the crane size is appropriate and time won't be wasted clearing a site that should have been cleared before the cranes arrived.

3-Who Handles Setup?

Some rental companies will only deliver the cranes to a site and expect you and your own crew to know what to do after that. However, you may want to ask them or crane operators if setup is something they can handle. That's because they are familiar with chains, ropes and other setup equipment and issues; while you and workers can complete rudimentary inspections, the heightened knowledge of an operator or rental company staff is needed to prevent functional problems later.

Cranes are essential machines on many of your work sites. Ensure you have all the right personnel in place and have asked these questions so working with them is successful.