Are You Building A Small Home?

Have you decided to move from your present large home into a smaller one? Perhaps this is your first home and you are starting on a small scale. Either way, if you are building a small home, you are probably in the midst of planning exactly what you want. From focusing on your lifestyle to working with a custom home builder, here are some ideas that might help you to design something that you can enjoy for a long time.

Your Lifestyle - Obviously, if you were building a huge home you would have the luxury of planning several bedrooms, bathrooms and maybe even more than one living room. However, because you are building a smaller home, you are more than likely wanting to maximize every foot of the home. 

With that focus in mind, think of how you want to plan your small home. For example, if you won't have a lot of out-of-town company, you may not want more than two bedrooms, your master bedroom and another room that can act as a bedroom or something like a craft room. If you enjoy outdoor entertaining more than hosting your guests inside your home, think of going with a galley-type indoor kitchen and treat your patio as an actual kitchen, complete with refrigerator, stove and even a cooking island and a dining area. If you don't really enjoy formal events, capitalize on creating something like an entertainment room in your den. You get the picture, right?

Hire A Custom Home Builder - Consider making a file of pictures in magazines, ideas you've thought of and other things that you want to include in the floor plan of your small home. A custom home builder has the training and the experience to study those pictures and anything else you bring to the table and to create an actual home design that will meet your specifications. 

In addition, the home builder may provide suggestions that enhance your own ideas. For example, he or she might recommend that you eliminate the bathtub you originally wanted in the guest bathroom and using a state-of-the-art shower instead. Rather than include an actual breakfast nook, the custom home builder might show you how a small island could double as a surface for food preparation and a a place for eating meals. Stick to things you truly want. For example, if you want a fireplace in the master bedroom, the home builder will know how to expertly utilize the space to include one.

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