Steps To Getting A Flood Elevation Certificate

A flood elevation certificate is a document about the elevation of your building. This certificate is sometimes required, especially when you reside in a high-risk flood zone. This certificate is an absolute necessity in order to obtain a correct flood insurance quote.

Why The Certificate Is Needed:

The insurance agent will ask for the certificate so that a comparison of the elevation of the building can be made. This comparison is done to the base flood elevation, and it helps in determining how high the water might rise during a flood.

Here Are The Steps Involved In Getting The Certificate:

Place The Order

You need to place an order to get the certificate. This elevation certificate service can be ordered online, quite conveniently from the comforts of your home. You can also call the specific authority and submit the request form. There are several online agencies that can help you to answer your questions and will also help you in taking the order. This is the first step in getting the certificate.

Home Inspection

Once you place an order with the concerned authority, you need to schedule a home inspection. You need to let the authority know about the day and time that is the most convenient for you. You need to also give them the permission to carry out an inspection and survey your home. Usually, a home inspection takes no more than thirty minutes, even if there are complicated basements or a few crawlspaces.

Exterior Survey

Specific measurements of ground elevations are carried out right at the exterior perimeters of the home. This includes specific areas like stairs and decks, which often get submerged during a flood or when water levels rise. Floor inspections, along with garage slab inspections, are also carried out. When the inspection is carried out, you may not need to be present at home. Also, it is highly recommended that during any such survey, you should not leave your dog outside.

Delivery of the Elevation Certificate

The elevation certificate is usually delivered through email. It is usually in PDF format. In case you are not happy to receive the completed certificate in your email, you can also opt to receive it through your regular mail as well.

The process of getting a flood elevation certificate is quite simple. In just a few steps, you have the opportunity of having your property protected and getting insurance coverage.