Inspections For Your Remodeling To Ensure Everything Is Up To Code

Remodeling your home is a lot of work, and there are probably some changes that you will want to make. Structural changes are something that cause problems if they are not done right. Remodeling your home will require that renovations meet code, which includes any part of your home that has been changed and any mechanicals. Here are some tips to help you with inspections and making sure your home is up to modern code standards when you remodel:

1. Inspecting Structural Changes That Affect Loads

The structure of your home is something that you will want to be careful with when making changes. If you open or remove walls, the loads have to be carried down to the foundation of your home. In addition to having the changes inspected, you should also consult a structural engineer to ensure that any changes are done correctly. Many private building inspection services will be able to help you with these tasks and recommend what needs to be done for any structural changes that you plan on doing for your home.

2. Upgrading Any Electrical Systems That Have Been Exposed

Electrical systems will also need to be inspected when you remodel your home. You will want to upgrade any electrical wiring that may be a hazard. In addition, if you expose any of the electrical wiring during the remodeling process, it will need to be brought up to modern building code standards. If you do not expose wiring, it is usually OK if there are no obvious hazards with the old wiring. Some upgrades you will want to do, such as adding ground fault outlets where they are needed or replacing any wiring that is not grounded. Talk with a building inspection service about what needs to be done and wiring that can be left as it is.

3. Checking Other Code Requirements That Need to Be Met

There are other code requirements that you will want to meet when remodeling, such as egress windows, fire prevention systems, and mechanicals. Have an inspection service evaluate things like HVAC and plumbing to tell if you need repairs. In addition, make sure windows meet egress requirements and that you have fire detectors installed throughout your home where they are needed.

Inspecting your home is something that needs to be done when remodeling. Inspections will help ensure everything is done right and your home meets modern building standards. Contact a building inspection service, like Otto Rosenau & Associates Inc.