Answers To Three Questions About Automatic Driveway Gates

Keeping your property secure will likely require you to have a fence and gate system installed. To keep you from having to get out of your car to open the gate, you may want to consider installing an automatic system. However, if you are unfamiliar with these systems, you might require the answers to a few of the more basic questions about these systems before you can make an informed decision about committing to making this upgrade to your property.

What Powers Automatic Driveway Gates?

Some individuals might be concerned about these systems causing their power bills to increase or the gate being inoperable during power outages. Luckily, these gate systems do not require much power, and it is possible to install battery backups to ensure that your gate can operate during an electrical failure. Additionally, many of these gates support being powered by solar panels, which may help to prevent the gate from causing your power bill to increase at all.

Will Your Automatic Driveway Gate Require Any Maintenance?

A common reason some homeowners may avoid having these gates installed is due to a fear that it will require extremely intensive maintenance. However, these gates do not need much care to keep them in working order. Typically, the only maintenance that an automatic driveway requires will need is to be cleaned every few months and professionally serviced once a year.

Cleaning the driveway gate is necessary to ensure that any dirt and debris does not harm the mechanical parts by causing jams and warping. Having the gate serviced by professional gate care professional will allow the gate's motor to be tuned up and any worn components will be replaced.

How Will You Open The Gate

Opening the gate can be done with a couple of different options. Many of these systems will utilize a remote control to allow you to open the gate without needing to exit the vehicle or roll down the window. It is also possible for you to install an intercom system with a number pad. This will allow guests to notify you that they need the gate opened or you can provide an access code to those that you trust.

Having an automatic driveway gate installed can be an excellent upgrade to make to your property. By understanding that the gates do not require much maintenance, can be powered by solar panels and the options for opening the gate, you will be better able to make informed choices about installing. Visit for more information.