3 Areas To Consider When Building A Pool

Adding an in-ground pool to your property can be a smart investment that pays off if you decide to sell your home in the future. Building the pool is more than digging a hole in the ground and filling it with concrete. There is a lot of planning that goes into building a pool. If you are in the process of designing your in-ground pool, here are some areas on which to focus. 


The layout of your pool is one of the most important aspects of your pool. How you and your family plan to enjoy the pool can play a part in the shape you choose. 

For instance, a rectangle pool is a classic layout that is good if someone in your household plans to do swimming laps. By contrast, an oval-shaped pool has a less formal appearance and is ideal for water games. 

If you and your family want a pool that is ideal for swimming laps and playing water sports, the L-shaped pool could be a good fit. The longer length works for laps, while the shorter length can serve as the play area. 

There are many other layouts that you can consider, including the figure 8 and Grecian-style pools. Custom pool builders can help you narrow down your choices based on the space you have available and what you plan to use the pool for. 


When designing your pool, the weather must be factored into your decision if you want to use the pool longer than just the warmest months of the year. If you live in a cold or wet climate, you will also need to leave room for constructing an enclosure.  The builder can also install a pool heater to keep the water tolerable during the colder times of the year. 

If your property has a lot of trees, as the seasons change or the wind blows, the leaves can blow into your pool and leave you with a need for additional cleaning each week. A swimming pool cover is necessary, but you can go beyond a simple tarp over the water. Your builder can install a cover while building the pool that would be far simpler to use. 

Building Material

Once you know the layout of the pool, you also have to consider the type of building material you want to use. Each type of material has pros and cons for you to consider. 

For instance, concrete tends to last longer than the other choices, but it can be more expensive. By contrast, vinyl is more expensive, but it does not last as long. Fiberglass falls between the concrete and vinyl when it comes to durability, but the layouts you can choose from are limited. 

Work closely with your pool builder to find the right type of pool for your home.