2 Reasons To Utilize A Propane Tank Warmer

A propane tank warmer can help you avoid many of the issues that can come up when a propane tank is used in areas where it gets extremely cold. These propane heaters typically consist of electric heating blankets that are wrapped around the propane tank to keep it warm all year. Listed below are just two reasons to utilize a propane tank warmer.

Keeps Pressure High

One of the biggest problems that can occur when a propane tank is exposed to freezing temperatures is that the pressure within the tank can drop. Not only will this make your propane-powered tools and equipment less efficient and effective due to the decreased pressure, but there is also a chance that the pressure can cease entirely.

When the temperature drops low enough, the propane will convert from a gas into a liquid. Once this occurs, no propane will actually be able to make it through the hoses and to your equipment. At that point, the only way to utilize your equipment is to replace it with a new propane tank or heat the tank to the point where the liquid propane turns into a gas again.

A propane tank warmer can be wrapped around a single propane tank, or multiple tanks, in order to keep your propane at a constant temperature. This will allow you to have access to your propane whenever you need it.

Saves Money

While a propane tank warmer will cost you some money in terms of the electricity that you will need to power the propane warming blankets, these blankets will save you quite a bit of money in the long run. In many cases, individuals that have frozen propane tanks will assume that the lack of pressure or inefficient equipment is a result of an empty or low propane tank. In those situations, you may be tempted to order a new tank or to have a service refill your tanks in order to get access to your propane again. 

A propane tank warmer can help you avoid wasting money and propane by ensuring that the propane is always warm enough to use. This means that you can rest assured that when the flow of propane stops it is because the propane is actually depleted rather than simply being frozen.

Contact a propane service or propane accessories dealer in order to discuss the many ways in which a propane tank warmer can benefit you. Propane tank warmers can keep your propane tank pressure at optimal levels while also helping you to avoid wasting money or propane.