Managing Construction Site Safety and Health

Maintaining a healthy construction site for your workers is important not only for safety standards and guidelines, but also for your site's productivity and morale. Here are some of the most important ways to manage health and safety on your construction site. 

Using Good Signage

Good signage is something that you can work on before the project begins. Think about the needs of different users on the site, and make sure that your directions are clear for everyone on the site. This could mean avoiding jargon on your signs, but it also may involve training that helps your employees understand the meaning and rationale behind safety signs. 

Segregating Hazardous Materials

Flammable or hazardous materials should be kept in a separate location that is known to all employees. For instance, setting up a firewall between hazardous chemicals and machinery can help prevent a fire from occurring on-site. 

Managing Equipment Access

Another priority is to prevent lower-level employees from using equipment when they're not directly authorized and not being supervised. You can manage equipment access using specialized ID cards, keycodes, or tagout equipment that controls access to the equipment's power supply. Be sure to set a safety checklist in place, so that the supervisor should only allow access to equipment when all safety prerequisites are met (for instance, when the employees are wearing protective equipment). 

Removing Hazards Quickly

Another crucial step for construction site safety is managing the amount of hazardous materials on your site. These could be hazardous chemicals or materials, but this could also be waste that has been left on the site for too long. 

One convenient way to manage waste materials is to use roll off services to regularly remove waste from your site. This will help to ensure that bacteria don't pile up in the trash bins and become a potential health risk for your workers. They will also help to keep the site uncluttered by regularly refreshing the amount of waste on-site. Having a set schedule for roll off services allows you to focus your energy on other parts of construction site management. Of course, a roll off service can be flexible if you have times when the containers are filling up more rapidly than usual. 

Each of the tips above can help you to manage health and hazards on your construction site. A great site plan depends on planning ahead and reevaluating these safety needs as the project progresses.