3 Alternatives For Your Septic System When Soil Tests Fail

Conventional septic systems are used when the soil on a property allows for filtering of waste. The soil on your property may not be suitable for a conventional system. This can be due to poor soil or high water tables. When your soil test fails to pass, you need to have an alternative system. Here are some of the options you have when you have problems with your soil test:

1. Aerobic Treatment Systems For Reduced Waste

One of the most common types of alternatives to conventional septic systems is aerobic waste treatment. This is a system that has a series of tanks that are used to treat waste. These systems work much like a miniature sewage treatment plant. These systems are ideal for situations where groundwater contamination is a concern and where other options cannot be used. The treated sewage leaves the system and goes to a drain field. There are also systems that are self-contained, which can allow the affluent to be reused for non-potable uses.

2. Mound Septic Drain Fields For High Water Tables

When the groundwater table is too high, a conventional drainage field does not have enough space to filter affluent naturally. Because of this, a mound system may be used to raise the level of the drainage system. These systems can be good when there is enough space to install a mound for the septic system. They can also include liners to prevent waste from leaching into the ground. Mound systems can even be disguised with structures like retaining walls to make them less noticeable and more attractive.

3. Alternative Filtration Solutions For Drain Fields

When mounds and alternative treatment systems cannot be used, an alternative drainage system may be installed. These can be lined systems with filtration medium such as peat moss. The drain field can also be a designated wetland area that is lined and enclosed. The plants and wildlife in a wetland area will filter the waste affluent naturally to treat waste. This is a good solution for a rural areas with the additional amount of space needed.

These are some of the alternatives to conventional septic systems. If you are ready to have a new septic system installed for your home, contact a septic installation company like Country Well & Pump Inc and talk with them about some of these alternative waste treatment systems that could be used for your home.