Four Essential Features To Build A Completely Self-Reliant New Home

If you want to have a new home built off the grid, there are many things to consider. You want to have energy systems, water, heating and cooling, and septic treatment. This may not seem like it would be too hard, but there are many things to consider before you start building. Here are some of the essential features that are needed to build a completely self-reliant home:

1. Designing Energy Systems For Electricity Needs

For a modern home, you are going to want electricity and appliances. This can be done with energy systems that are more efficient and incorporate solar and wind. Using LED bulbs and natural lighting minimizes electricity used for lights. Consider using DC appliances wherever possible to minimize electricity consumption. To supplement solar energy, vertical wind turbines can be installed to collect wind energy when there is no sunlight.

2. Heating And Cooling Designs For Off-Grid Homes

Heating and cooling are also important. Consider using building materials that provide thermal mass to insulate your home. This can be things like soil materials, or for a more conventional design, a continuous insulation system. For homes in dry climates, evaporative coolers can be a good cooling solution, and solar towers can also be used to remove heat from homes. In colder climates, passive heating can be used to take advantage of sunlight to heat your home.

3. Designs To Take Advantage Of Water Resources

You may also want to take advantage of water resources with the design of your home. You may have a well, but systems like rain collection can help to provide water, which can be good in dry desert climates. You may also want to consider reusing greywater for things like irrigation and other non-potable water uses.

4. Efficient Septic Treatment Systems That Require Little Maintenance

The septic system of your home will also need to be well designed. Consider using a larger tank and a system with wetland drain field. This can minimize the maintenance of a septic system, though you will probably still need to have it serviced at some point. There are also aerobatic septic systems that can treat and recycle water for things like flushing toilets, for which grey water can be used.

These are some ideas to help you design a completely self-reliant home. If you are ready to start building your off-grid home, contact a building contractor like Smith & Son Building & Remodeling, Inc. and talk with them about including some of these features in the design of your new home.