3 Uncommon Questions About Switching From Window Units To Central Air

If you are making the change from window units in your home to a central air system, you may already have questions. Most of these questions are fairly normal and relate to things like installation costs and upkeep. There are some questions you may have that are not as common. Here are a few uncommon questions about switching from window units to central air.

Will the Windows Need to be Repaired?

Window units can put pressure on the window casing and frame over time due to weight, moisture, and other environmental issues. When you remove the window unit and close the window you may notice some issues like warping, wood rot, or seals that are damaged. You will need to repair these issues in order to prevent further damage and to prevent any type of energy loss from the window. If you aren't sure if there is damage to the window, contact a local contractor for an analysis and estimate.

Will Construction Have to Occur During Installation?

You may be concerned with construction issues related to having the duct work for the central air system installed. Before you become overly concerned with having your home covered by drop clothes and construction tools, consider your options. You can go with ductless options or low profile options that may not require construction. For information on your options that fit your home style and needs, contact your air conditioner sales technician. They can evaluate the home and confirm what options may be best for you as well as offer a price estimate.

Will I Still Need Ceiling Fans or Window Units?

One concern that some property owners have during the window unit switch is if they will still need the ceiling fans or units on extremely hot days. The truth is you likely will not. If you choose the right central air unit for your home, it should work nicely to distribute the air throughout all the rooms in your home. It should be noted that if you would like to use ceiling fans, they will help keep the air moving in the home and will help to keep the temperature constant even on hot days in rooms that are not as insulated as others.

These are just a few of the uncommon questions you may have during your switch from window units to central air conditioning systems. If you have more questions or if you aren't sure which central air option may be ideal for you, contact your local air conditioning sales company like Affordable Comfort Heating and Cooling