How To Make Your Patio Part Of Your Living Space

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that you were decorating the house for Christmas? It's hard to believe that summer will arrive in just a few days, on June 21st. Keeping cool is going to be important. There are some great projects you can do to expand the cool spaces in your house. Enclosing your patio is a great way to do this. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create a unique summer space.

The Decor - Do you want to maintain the outdoor feeling of a patio, or do you want the room to look more like a regular living room or family room?

  • If you want to maintain the patio look, consider what would bring the outdoors into your enclosed patio. White wicker, rattan, or wrought iron furniture would be perfect, especially if you enhanced it with colorful pillows. Decorate with lots of plants, both in pots on the floor and hanging ones from the ceiling. Another cute outdoor touch would be to place decorative bird houses in strategic locations, even arranging them among the hanging plants. Consider choosing birds, butterflies and flowers as part of your decor, too. An indoor water fountain would be darling!
  • If you want the room to blend in more with the rest of your home, select complementary indoor furniture. If you are using the room for additional dining space, consider a round table so  that your family and friends will all be facing each other. If the room will be used more for a family room or a living room, consider selecting several occasional chairs and some smaller tables that can be easily moved for different occasions. For example, if you will be joining others for a board game, it would be easy to set up one of the small tables and the occasional chairs for that purpose. 

Connect The Rooms - Whether the patio is by the kitchen, the dining room, or one of the other living areas, consider connecting the rooms with French doors. 

  • French patio doors allow you to keep rooms separate by leaving the doors closed, or adding more entertainment space by leaving them open.
  • French doors are affordable and very durable.
  • If you want an open look, consider French doors that have windows in them. Tiffany glass would be amazing! For more privacy and better separation, wooden ones would be better. Whether you want a formal and elegant look or an easy, casual one, your biggest decision will be on which doors to choose, as there are many gorgeous styles available.

Have fun planning your patio enclosure.