Tips For Blending A Home Addition

It's time to increase the square footage in your home. Perhaps your family circumstances have changed, or you're simply ready to add space to your living area. A successful home addition should be indistinguishable from the original structure. Plan a home addition that blends seamlessly into your home's design.

Complete a Wish List

Before even planning your home addition, make a list of problems you want the room to solve. Perhaps you need more closet and bathroom space in your master suite or a transition space to the outdoors. Completing a wish list helps you determine what kind of addition is necessary, be it a whole new room or a simple bump out.

Plan Your Strategy

Generally you have two options with a home addition – building up or building out. According to Home Garden TV, the advantage of building out is it minimizes the disruption to the existing space. However, building out eats up some of your yard. Building up is initially more disruptive, but you don't lose any yard space.

Name Your Room

If you decide to go for a whole new room addition to your home, name the purpose of the room. Are you adding a garden room as a transition to the outdoors? Is your room meant to expand a family room? Naming the room helps you prioritize what goes into that space.

Match Materials

Hopefully you have some materials left over from a remodel or even building your house. If not, match the materials as closely as possible. Your addition should probably be the same color and material as the rest of the house, including siding or a faux finish. Another option, though, is staying within the same tonal range while adding a slightly different texture. Either one maintains the harmony of your house's facade.

Maintain the Roofline

Most houses feature a distinctive roofline. Whether you bump up or out, maintain the angle of your roofline. Likewise, match the shingles as closely as possible. By maintaining the line of the roof, you increase the effectiveness of the blend between the original structure and the addition.

Minimize the Addition

Your home's addition should not take center stage. On the contrary, the construction should appear humbler than the original. Minimize the ornamentation, such as by selecting plain trim. Don't be afraid to include modern amenities, even indulging in some splurges. However, use cosmetic features such as fixtures and paint to tie the look together.

Plan the purpose of your home addition, and sketch some initial ideas. Talk to your contractors about the most effective way of increasing your space while maintaining your home's pleasing facade.

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