Four Ways You Can Give Plain Windows More Details For Your Home Improvement Project

If you are planning to have new windows installed in your home, some of the windows available may have a plain look to them. There are some things that can be done to improve the appearance of your windows inside and outside of your home such as adding trim, window treatments and exterior details. If you want to have more attractive windows for your home improvement project, here are some things that you may want to consider doing:

1. Installing More Decorative Interior Trim To Windows

Decorative trim can be added to the inside of your windows to make them more attractive. This is a great option if you have drywall in the window seals or plain trim. You can choose a more decorative trim to give the windows a little more detail on the interior of your home.

2. Adding Window Casing Around Plain Windows For More Detail

Many modern windows that are made from materials like metal or vinyl may not have an exterior casing. This is something that can be added to the exterior of the window to add more detail if you have siding on your home. It may not work with brick because there will not be enough room to add the woodwork, but other things that can be done.

3. Functional Exterior Shutters To Give Windows Practical And Attractive Features

If you have a home that does not have shutters, adding function shutters to the exterior of your home can be a great improvement that is also attractive. This is a good solution if you have brick on your home and want to add more details to your windows. It can also be done on homes with siding and other finishes.

4. Adding Architectural Details Around Windows To Make Them Stand Out

Architectural details can also be a great addition to windows. With brick and masonry, this can be done with wide keystones and details around the windows. If you have siding, you can add friezes and other woodworking details around the windows. It can even be a small awning that extends from windows to add detail to your windows.

These are some things that you may want to consider doing to make your windows look more attractive. If you need help with the installation, replacement and improvements to windows in your home contact a window replacement contractor and ask them about some of these ideas.

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