Trouble Shooting Air Conditioning Problems

The home air conditioning system is vital for maintaining ambient indoor air temperature to make your home more comfortable. Therefore, when the air conditioning system is not functioning properly, you can identify the problem from the following common issues that affect the air conditioning system and require AC repair:

Air condenser not running

The air condenser is the part of the air conditioning units that is outside the home. It contains the components that enables the air conditioning system to dispel hot air, and sends cool air back into the house. When the air condenser unit is not running, the entire operation is shut down. The common reason could be that it is not plugged into the power supply properly.

Other reasons could be blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. If you check and restore the power connection, and it still does not work, you should call a technician to replace the fuses and circuit breakers if you do not have the necessary skills.

Not cool enough

Another common problem occurs when the air conditioning unit does not produce the adequate air temperature. The first place to check is the temperature setting on the thermostat display. If you reduce the temperature setting by a couple of degrees and the air conditioner still does not respond, you may have an improperly sized air conditioner or a dirty evaporator.

Remember that outdoor temperatures also affect the effectiveness of the air conditioning unit, especially if you do not have insulated doors and windows. Get the right size air conditioning unit for your home, and have a technician clean the evaporator unit.

Does not cool at all

If your air conditioning, system is running but does not produce any cold air, make sure you have the right setting on the thermostat. If the unit keeps going on and off, the next possible problem could be a dirty and blocked condenser. Since the unit stays outdoors, it is exposed to dirt and debris from grass and falling leaves.

If you remove this dirt and the system still does not cool, you may have a faulty compressor or a leaking refrigerant. These two problems should be addressed by a technician.

Ice and water around lines connecting the indoor and outdoor units

If you notice any water or ice around the system units, you should shut the outdoor unit while allowing the blower in the furnace to run in order to melt the ice. You can turn the outdoor unit back on to see if it works properly. If it does not, you could be having problems with your refrigerant and should call a technician.