Design A Putting Green With Artificial Turf

Design a putting green with artificial turf to practice your golfing skills on. Install the green in your backyard and enjoy using it whenever you feel like improving your game.

Use The Following Materials

  • artificial turf
  • utility knife
  • measuring tape
  • garden stakes
  • garden shovel
  • tamping tool
  • post hole digger
  • small shovel
  • metal can
  • sand
  • rake
  • landscape fabric pins
  • wooden planks
  • pocket hole screws
  • electric drill
  • LED lighting (battery operated)

Mark The Section Being Used And Clear The Land

Choose a level part of your yard to install the green on. Use garden stakes to mark the outer edges of the green. Cut out a piece of artificial turf that is slightly larger than the marked section. Remove grass, weeds, rocks, and twigs from the marked area. Dig down several inches with a garden shovel to remove these items. Once the marked section is dug out, use a tamping tool to level the base of the putting green. Use the flat part of the tool and press it down firmly onto the ground, covering the entire green.

Dig A Hole, Add Sand, And Lay Out The Turf

Use a post hole digger to install a hole in the putting green. Make sure that the hole is deep enough to hold the metal can. This section can also be dug out with a small shovel if you do not own a post hole digger. Add a small amount of sand in the base of the hole before inserting the cup. This will stabilize the can.

Place a layer of sand across the putting green and even it out with the tamping tool or a rake. The sand will hold the artificial turf in place and will act as a shock absorber. Lay the artificial turf out over the sand. Cut a hole in the turf with a utility knife in the section that is directly over the metal can. Secure the edges of the turf with landscape fabric pins. 

Create A Border And Add Lighting

Line up wooden planks around the edges of the putting green. Attach the ends of the planks with pocket hole screws and an electric drill. Install LED lighting around the putting green if you would like to use it at night. Lights that are attached to metal stakes are easy to install. Insert the sharp end of a stake in each corner of the putting green. Use you new putting green whenever you feel like relaxing outdoors and improving your golfing skills.