Should I Replace My Windows?

Even though you may not want to spend money on replacement windows, there are several circumstances in which you should still consider beginning the shopping process. You won't realize how much of a hassle your old windows were until you purchase new ones.

Your Windows Might Be Difficult to Repair

If you really love your current windows, you can always repair them rather than replacing them. However, there are some challenges you might face that can make it not worth the trouble. The only exception is when you have fogging in-between two panes of class, which then requires you to replace the window. If you have hinges that are worn out, these can be difficult to replace. Also, any wood that is rotting can be very hard to repair.

There Might Be a New Type of Window You Want

Even if you are happy with your old windows, research the newer types of windows that are available before choosing to commit to your old ones. There are many types of replacement windows that were not available several years ago. Make sure that your dream window style is not among one of these innovations.

Replacement Windows May or May Not Increase Your Energy Savings

You may have heard that replacement windows can lower your energy bill. However, you will only know this for certain if you hire a specialist to perform an energy audit of your home. Then you can find out how much you will actually save. There may be other changes that will have a greater impact, such as changing the types of light bulbs you are using. Regardless, ENERGY STAR qualified windows are the most energy-efficient.

Newer Windows Might Be More Convenient

Even if getting replacement windows won't save you money, it may be worth replacing them for convenience sake. If you are tired of painting your windows, consider getting aluminum-clad or vinyl-clad replacement windows. These do not have to be painted. Also, your windows might make your home feel chilly during the winter. Getting a more airtight replacement window can eliminate those cold spots in your home.

Your Old Windows Might Look Terrible

Your windows might simply not match the style of your home. Maybe they were always this way ever since you bought the home and you don't know what the previous owners were thinking. Since the exterior of your home is an extension of you, you may want to replace your windows simply for this reason.

Your New Windows Might Increase Your Home's Value

If you are planning on selling your home, replacing your windows (through specialists such as Mitchell Window & Door) might increase your home value enough to make it worth your while. You may want to speak with a home appraiser first before making this decision, however.