Why You Should Invest In Wooden Windows

There are many materials to choose from when it comes to replacing the windows in your home. Many people are drawn to modern, state-of-the-art products like vinyl and fiberglass. While these materials have a number of advantages, it is hard to beat the natural style and beauty of wooden windows. Wooden windows have definitely become a little less popular over the last few years because of the prevalence of these newer, low-maintenance materials. However, this article will explain why wooden windows are still a great window replacement choice for many homeowners.

If Your Home Has Wooden Exterior Sidewalls

Wooden homes have a rustic and natural feel that is truly inimitable. Whether you have a home with wooden siding or a log cabin, you will certainly want to also have wooden windows. Firstly, aluminum, plastic or fiberglass windows will simply look out of place on a wood home. They will stick out and look unnatural. With wooden windows you can choose a species and finish to match your existing wall color. This is also convenient if you ever decide to repaint or stain your exterior walls, because you can use the same paint on your window frames and sashes. However, you cannot use normal paint on vinyl or fiberglass frames.

If Your Home is Historic

Many homes have a rich history, and their wooden windows can truly be works of art. However, owners of historic buildings often need to upgrade their windows. If the old wooden windows are too old and aged, they could be difficult to operate, leaking air and simply unsafe. There will come a time where you have no choice but to change the windows.

The great thing about replacing your old windows with modern wooden frames is the fact they look traditional, but can operate and insulate your home with modern technologies. New wooden windows can be extremely solar efficient, especially if you invest in storm windows. Window makers can custom design your windows to match with the old decor and wooden elements of your home. There are many window manufacturers that still make old-fashioned styles. They can be custom made to fit any window opening.

Wooden windows might require a little bit more maintenance over the years. They do need to be resealed every 3-5 years to keep them waterproof. However, this small amount of maintenance is worth it because they give your home an authentic style that is hard to beat.