Naturally Eliminate Fire Ants From Your Garden

If fire ants have been invading your garden and are destroying your crops, fight back with some natural methods to eliminate them. After doing so, enjoy spending time in your garden without having to worry about unsightly ant hills or the risk of getting bitten.

Orange Oil And Detergent

Orange oil contains a compound that will destroy the ants' exoskeletons after they come into contact with it. Detergent will suffocate the ants. Mix a cup or two of each of these items in a bucket that is filled with warm water. Pour the mixture onto each ant hill that is present. Any ants that are inside of the hills will be trapped inside by the mixture. Ants that are on the outside of the ant hills will not survive for long after coming into contact with it.

Boric Acid And Honey

Boric acid is is a mineral that is commonly used to eliminate different types of pests. Pour a light dusting of this product onto a plastic dish and pour a few drops of honey on top of it. The sweet scent of the honey will attract the ants. The boric acid will work in two ways. It will break down the exoskeletons after the ants come in contact with it. Any boric acid that is ingested will destroy the internal organs of each ant.

Boric acid remains effective for months and is very inexpensive. It also does not require much of this product to produce satisfying results.

Essential Oils

Peppermint, lavender, and other essential oils have a strong scent that ants do not like to be around. Pour several drops of one of these oils into a spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with warm water and shake well. Spray the oil over the surface of each mound. You may notice that the amount of ants that are seen each day diminishes until the ants finally leave and find a new place to call home.

Be persistent when using any of these methods of pest control. The key to eliminating all of the fire ants is by destroying the queen ant. This may not be possible immediately. As the other ants come into contact with the items that are used, they will be more likely to pass one of them on to the ant that is in charge. Once all of the fire ants have vanished, you will appreciate the time spent in your garden and look forward to enjoying a healthy supply of crops.