3 Occasions When You Need A Fence

If you don't have a fence around your yard and you worry about privacy, there are some other risks you need to be worried about. It's especially important to have a fence if you have a pool or a dog, or if you live in an area where crime occurs frequently. Here are three occasions when it's necessary to have a fence around your yard.

You Have Water

If you have a pool, a hot tub or any type of pond, you need to have a fence around your backyard. You don't want someone to accidentally come on your property to use your facilities, and then drown or get injured. You could be held liable, and you don't want to live with the guilt. You may also want to look at a weight bearing pool cover that locks, along with a pool alarm system. A property fence or privacy fence around the yard is great, an added fence around the body of water adds even more protection.

You Own a Dog

Your dog could be the friendliest and most caring animal, but what if they see someone that that they don't like? You should have a fence if you own a dog, to prevent the dog from injuring someone. An invisible fence may keep the dog, but it doesn't stop people from coming in, and your dog can still get out. The fence can prevent your dog from biting someone, or going into another neighbor's yard and doing damage. If your dog destroys someone's landscaping or kills their family pet, you could end up paying for it.

You've had a Previous Intrusion

If someone has previously gotten on your property or into your home without your permission, fencing can help prevent it from happening again. You can also install motion lighting along the fencing, so that the light activates if someone tries to climb over the fence.

Your current homeowners insurance company will give you a lower rate on your insurance when you have a fence around your property, because it reduces the risk of any incidents like these from happening. There are many different types of fencing for the yard, and you'll want to check with your HOA to see if they have any restrictions or requirement, if you belong to an association. Get a fence from a company like Family Fence Company and don't worry about liability and risks on your property.