Three Burglar-Proof Methods For Hiding Spare House Keys

There are very few inconveniences more annoying than locking yourself out of your own home. Hiding a spare key outside your home is a simple way to avoid this problem, but using a place that's easy to guess could make your home one of the two million American homes burglarized every year.

Keep your home safe from the greedy hands of burglars by utilizing one or more of these ingenious spare key hiding techniques.

Hide it In Wind Chimes

Wind chimes aren't just a beautiful decoration: they can also be a clever place to hide a set of spare keys. It's also a fairly simple technique: simply tie your key to a stiff metal wire and tie the other end to the hanging base of your wind chimes.

Make sure that the wire is no more than an inch or two long and that the key is completely surrounded by the chimes. If it hangs lower or isn't properly surrounded, the key might be easier to spot.

If you do decide to use this method, choose wind chimes located behind your home in an inconspicuous spot. Burglars aren't as likely to spot them there.

Bury a Pill Box

Prescription pill boxes are highly adaptable products that can be used to create a hiding place that's water-proof and nearly impossible to find. All you need is an old pill box, a large rock and a garden spade or small shovel.

Start by picking a spot away from the house that is somewhat hidden from the weather, like under the eaves next to a garage or storage shed. Dig a hole large enough to fit your pill box with your spade. Now, put your key in the pill box, close it and place it in the hole. Place the rock over the top of the hole.

Put One in Your Car

Hiding a spare house key in your car is so simple a solution that it can be easy to ignore. You can put an extra key in a locked glove compartment or even taped under your floor mat. The best part about these hiding spots is that they cost practically nothing to prepare.

However, the best way to pull of this method is to hide your keys in a magnetic box hidden underneath the body of the car. Magnetic key boxes are easy to make, inexpensive to purchase and are hard to find if hidden carefully.

The best hiding spot for a magnetic key box is high up on the wheel well. This area is high and difficult to access which makes it more likely that a rushed and anxious burglar will miss it.

These spare key hiding methods are just a small sample of the ways you can keep your home safe. However, if your spare key somehow gets misplaced or stolen, make sure to talk to a locksmith, such as, to open your home and change your locks.