Selling Your Home: 3 Situations When You Should Order An Inspection Of Your Own Place

If you're planning to sell your house, it's never too early to have a home inspector conduct a thorough examination of your home. Anyone who is serious about buying your home is going to have their own inspection conducted eventually. Nothing will be hidden in the end. It's far better for you to be aware of your home's strengths and weaknesses.

Here are 3 situations when you really should have a pre-listed inspection:

1. You have an odd or rare home.

Perhaps your home is a custom timber frame log home in a neighborhood of traditional stick-built homes. Or maybe you're selling a modern home with a garden on the roof, or you've just listed a passive solar home with a geothermal unit.

Not all inspectors are familiar with all types of architecture or home appliances. You could lose a sale because an uninformed inspector doesn't understand some vital fact about your home.

When you choose the inspector yourself, you have control over the inspection. You can locate a professional who will know how your particular home should look and perform.

2. You've done significant upgrades.

Anyone can say that the roof repairs are recent or that the appliances are brand new. They can even show receipts if you like. But a thorough home inspection report will note the ages of all appliances and home systems from the roof down.

Buyers will know the life expectancies of kitchen appliances and heating and air conditioning units. This instills confidence in you, the seller, and confidence in the purchase.

Some home inspections include energy efficiency ratings. This data helps potential buyers with their questions about future energy use in the home. Upgrades often take a while to reflect true energy savings so you may not have the answers. The report will.

3. The home is in a questionable area.

If there has been any significant weather or geological event in your area, buyers could be scared away. Floods, earthquakes, mudslides, gas leaks and tornadoes can damage homes in seen and unseen ways.

Be pro-active and have your home inspected before there are any questions. You can fix the small things, let the buyers know about any bigger things and rest assured that you're being completely honest about the home you're selling.

Having a third party assessment of your home when you live in an area where there has been damage to other homes will also give buyers a reason to look twice at your property. When they know it's structurally sound their fears are set aside and they can enjoy exploring the features of the house.